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Guidelines for Microsoft Word Files

While articles may be submitted to RMP in Microsoft Word format, we have found the use of Word files in production to be problematic. In many cases, our compositor, PMG, finds it necessary to rekeyboard. To enhance your chances of having the original file used, please observe the following guidelines.

  1. Use Word 97 or later.
  2. Use Design Science's MathType equation editor for both displayed (stand-alone) equations and math run into the text, including individual math symbols, Greek letters, and other special characters not found on the keyboard.
  3. Do not embed graphics in the text. For refereeing purposes, we prefer separate electronic figure files (PDF, PS, or EPS), but will accept Word graphics grouped at the end. For production, we need separate, individual PS or EPS files, named in this style: authorname_fig01.eps.
  4. Keep it simple. Do not change fonts or try to achieve a "typeset" look. If italic or boldface are needed, use the italic or boldface button on formatting toolbar.
  5. Do the references "by hand", without using Endnotes. Endnotes was designed for numbered references, a different style from that of RMP. Follow the models in any recent issue of Reviews of Modern Physics or in the RMP Style Manual.
  6. Do not hide text or insert comments into the text.
  7. For tables, use the Word table editor. Do not create "by hand" using tab stops.
  8. Do not use Rich Text Format.
  9. For help, consult Keep in mind that most inquiries these people deal with are for Physical Review journals, which have a different reference style from RMP.